Apply our experience to your PostgreSQL database, instantly

pgRITA analyzes your database schema against our rules, compiling an interactive report that helps your engineers to build secure, robust and performant databases.
Many of our rules produce fixes tailored to your database enabling you to fix missing indexes, constraints, permissions and more in record time.
pgRITA compiles an interactive report showing the results of the database analysis, with detailed documentation that explains the potential issues found in the database, and helps engineers determine how to resolve them.
If you're thinking of engaging a database consultant, running pgRITA first could be a great way to reduce costs ─ enabling the consultant to focus in the more bespoke areas where they provide the most value.
Run pgRITA after you make changes to your database and get results in seconds.
Compatible with continuous integration systems such as GitHub Actions, Travis and CircleCI; pgRITA can help ensure your migrations are solid before you ship them to production, protecting your developers' time.
Our automated scanner draws from years of professional experience designing PostgreSQL databases. It's like pair programming with a DBA; gain insights on how you might improve, and celebrate when the tests pass.
Write database schemas you're proud of
The free plan runs a small selection of rules. Rules may vary over time. When you're ready, upgrade to a paid plan to get access to a much larger suite of rules.